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Handmade Jewelry

I use different materials like polymer clay, natural stone, beads, found objects, and more to create my earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry.

Vintage Curiosities

Carefully curated vintage and antique items that are sure to trigger joyful nostalgia for you or a loved one.


Art & Design

A collection of my graphic design works but also other art like collage, illustration, and more.


Thoughts & Ideas

A blog for all things art, design, vintage, life, and more. Reading to spark good feelings, and inspiration on many levels.


I 💙

Hi, I'm Kaylan Petrie
Eclectic Creative

I love to create and collect. I’m a graphic artist by trade but can’t seem to keep my creative focus on any one thing specific. I created this space so it can all magically blend together.

I’m happy here and I hope you find something that makes you happy too. 

portrait photo kaylan petrie

Latest Blog Posts

Here are my thoughts and ideas about, you guessed it, an “eclectic mix” of creativity, art, life, and more. 

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